The line of research on Migrations in the Third Millennium of the InterAgency Institute has as its central theme contemporary migratory flows and their consequences both in research that has migrants as the central axis and in the approaches of States and their humanitarian and strategic conceptions of the management of human mobility . It aims to map routes, analyze data, measure social, economic, political and cultural impacts, integration processes, interagency public policies and gender, child and youth issues.

The production of results from the studies developed and participation in events will generate a dialogue between the Institute, the academic community and stakeholders to improve actions and policies aimed at guaranteeing the Human Rights of these populations made vulnerable by voluntary or forced displacement.

Part of the IA team forms a group of specialists in the area who took the initiative to create the research line and may, in due course, count on external collaborations from undergraduates, masters and doctoral students, giving them the opportunity to engage in the topic and in the area.


Ana Paula Rodriguez

Ana Beatriz Duarte

Luzia Becker

Lygia Hryniewicz

Juliana Martins